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Hotel Uniforms

Hotel & Hospitality Uniforms

Prime Uniform is the expert in creating high quality & comfortable custom uniform for luxury hospitality, including iconic city hotels, prestige resorts and high-end restaurants. Our extensive lines of hotel and hospitality uniform options provide a one-stop solution for your Hotel staff’s uniform needs. We can outfit each and every hotel employee head to toe with a quality & well designed uniform by taking into consideration the nature of their position & work.


We are a uniform company with high-level expertise in all areas including design, garment development, manufacturing, buying and on ground fitting. The result is an impeccable service from the initial consultation right the way through to the final uniform delivery. Consider the opportunities for the customer to form an opinion about your food before taking their first bite:

Providing kitchen and culinary uniforms from line cooks to chef coats or an entire kitchen staff, we understand there is one universal mandate that must be maintained for any dining establishment to succeed: a perception of cleanliness. No matter how good the food may be, every exposure with the customer must always portray an innate message that your establishment prides itself on cleanliness. It’s a tall order.


Culinary Uniforms; From chefs’ coats to buss-wear, every potential contact with your staff and the customer has to be at its best. We can integrate a range of kitchen uniforms or chef coats that project a consistent image and theme throughout the entire restaurant or Hotel.

"Our team is always keeping tabs on the popular trends, from the latest design to a simple, sharp embroidered apron, we provide the look to match your menu."